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This simplified version of VRM creation software, named VR Dancer. Help group users quickly configure vr videos. support full body motion capture,contain face,hand,pose. vroid hub support: You can find your favorite characters from the vroid hub, or import your own stored files through local files. Support VRM、PMX、FBX model file Support for mmd Dance Files and Camera Files (vmd) : mmd has been in development for over a decade, and there are countless dance and camera resources available on the Web that you can easily use to play the dance effects you want. Finally, with a few simple edits, you can enjoy VR Dancer. MacOS: Win: iOS:

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PCWindows / macOS
MobileiOS / Android


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Models of [For all ages] and [R15]

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Avatar use: YES / Attribution: Unnecessary
※VRM1.0 uploaded to VRoid Hub are still not available