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Maori Makita
Age: 32 Species: Human Race: Polynesian(Maori) Powers: Bodily Gas Manipulation, Steatokinesis (Unlimited Mass Growth), Geokinesis
Maori Makita
/ Maori Makita
Age: 32 Species: Human Race: Polynesian(Maori) Powers: Bodily Gas Manipulation, Steatokinesis (Unlimited Mass Growth), Geokinesis


Maori Makita is the husband of Phi Makita and the son-in-law of Xavier and Ruta Makita. He is known to be gluttonous, loving, caring, cheerful, has a huge sense of humor, a true father figure, intimidating, full of life, goofy, comical-like, and extremely strong. As his name suggests, Maori is a Maori from New Zealand along with his family and is highly considered as the most gifted son due to his full impact and compassion for his culture. He is also skilled in the Haka, a traditional dance of the Maori people. Phi married Maori and birthed kids of their own. However, Maori's father Kahiki disapproves his youngest grandson Waw Makita, who was 7 years old and hates his heritages culture and therefore becoming an outcast to his father's family. Maori, who sees his child scared of his culture, does nothing to fix it but tries his best to encourage his son to become confident as to who he is right now. One day, when celebrating Maori and Phi's anniversary, Waw was scolded by his grandfather and was told that he'll never have people around him if he doesn't embrace his culture. Waw, extremely hurt, quietly fled from his house while his father and his side of the family perform the Haka. When everyone was about to have a feast, Maori noticed that Waw isn't here and frantically searches for his son, along with everyone except for Maori's family, who still sees him as a disappointment to the family. It took 3 days to find Waw until he was found later on that third day, crying and rolled up into a ball blanketed with only piles of sand. Maori, furious at his family for being too cultural and pushing away his youngest child, angrily shouts at them to never contact him or his family ever again, much to the shock of his own side of the family. He moved out of New Zealand with his own family including his youngest child and moved in with his-in-laws Xavier and Ruta Makita. And stayed there permanently. Maori would look for his son again 5 weeks later when Waw was being bullied by his classmates at school, and survive the outbreak in Raccoon City and save his son along with a few companions. After surviving, he is still living with his In-laws, who treated his family better than of Maori's own. Maori also stopped carrying around his culture permanently and has come to Christ as a born-again christian.


by Bella
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