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Name: Carla Susanna
Powers: Normal: . Dynamax (Pokemon) . Strength Fighting: . Close Combat (Pokemon)
Carla Susanna
/ Name: Carla Susanna
Powers: Normal: . Dynamax (Pokemon) . Strength Fighting: . Close Combat (Pokemon)


Carla Susanna is a 2nd semester student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Type Writer. She is known to be formal, sarcastic, kind, blunt, smart, and a sensitive. She tries her best to do be confident about what she does, but always gets shut down, leaving her hurt. This caused her to become a bit snappy at those who scold, mock, insult, or question her actions. Despite this, she still loves her friends and family and would also protect them from harm even if it costs her own life. While Carla can stand tall despite being tall herself, she can stand taller whenever trouble awakens. Literally. And while she's not a test subject of Umbrella, she does acknowledge her unnatural potential of growing giant, being known as Giantess when becoming a literal human giant. Her limit is up to 50 feet tall, but that means little to her as she can increase her height at will. Carla not only has the talent of type writing be it old fashioned or modern, but she is also skilled at cooking, baking, modeling, acting, martial arts, and surprisingly, inhuman strength to the point that she can even rip apart a stack of cards or a folded stack of newspapers together. Ultimate: Type Writer
by 禹步
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