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Fuyuku Fushiwa
Age: 12 Species: Human Race: Japanese Powers: Sickness Manipulation
Fuyuku Fushiwa
/ Fuyuku Fushiwa
Age: 12 Species: Human Race: Japanese Powers: Sickness Manipulation


Fuyuku Fushiwa is a 8th grader at Hope's Peak High who is horribly sick and suffers from Cerebral Palsy and is the Pactbearer of Sickness. He is known to be sweet, obedient, kind-hearted, selfless, shy, quiet, sensitive, and shaky. Fuyuku is always thinking about others and not to himself, and always tries to do things on his own without the means of help even though he gets helped a lot, which aggravates him a lot and would snap whenever someone doesn't get the hint. This happened a lot with his paras before they were fired and replaced by the Neko-Kittens, thinking that by helping him would mean to be by his side and watch as well as guiding him. They also spoke harshly to him whenever he snaps and helps him anyways. This constant trauma is what made him become the Pactbearer of Sickness by forging a pact with Chalchiuhtotolin, the Monark of Sickness, so that he could make other students sick and forcing them to beg to go home. This was because of the treatment he received and didn't want anyone to go through what the paras did to him. Fortunately, his Ideal was shattered by Railo and his partner, who is the Pactbearer of Treatment, and was given care and better understanding. The Neko-Kittens even reminded them that if he wishes to try doing things on his own, they would watch and see what he has learned so that they wouldn't have to be there for every small thing for him, which comforts Fuyuku as he shed tears of joy and relief. Chi (Kai) Makita, the main protagonist, became his para since both have a lot of things that they can relate when it comes to being understood, and both forged a powerful bond with each other that can never be broken nor hinged and becoming brothers after Fuyuku became the adopted son of Xavier and Ruta Makita.


by MO
by Haru
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