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Name: Venus Fuego
Powers: Heat Manipulation
Venus Fuego
/ Name: Venus Fuego
Powers: Heat Manipulation


Venus Fuego is a catfisher/scammer and is one of the Main Game players. He is known to be arrogant, greedy, cruel, charismatic, intelligent, and prideful. Basically, this guy wants nothing more than money and to rob others cash. He is also extremely annoying, with his normal voice being that of a complete nerd and his attitude being negative towards others. Venus always puts the blame on others too, not wanting more than to see others loathe in pain. Chi (Kai) Makita, the Ultimate Dragon and one of the players of the Death Game, was the only one to easily back Venus into a corner, most notably when he was exposed for being a complete scammer and a catfisher during the official Main Game and voted to be executed. Fortunately, Psi Makita, the Floor Headmaster, was merciful seeing Venus panic and decided to punish him for his crimes instead of execution. The punishment? Having a black/blue pacifier in his mouth for every time he decides to act dumb. Venus, completely humiliated, felt his pride, greed, and arrogance shatter right before his eyes. Chi (Kai), with the big heart he has, doesn't judge him like the rest of the players despite getting constantly harassed by him before the Main Game started, seeing as to how Venus isn't being left alone with that topic. Eventually, both forged a strong bond that can't be broken and Venus had a reshaped personality: nerdy, geek, charismatic, intelligent, silly, and weird.
by Gh2da
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