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Ve Makita
Age: 12 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Hydrokinesis, Haemokinesis, Azure-Pyrogenesis
Ve Makita
/ Ve Makita
Age: 12 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Hydrokinesis, Haemokinesis, Azure-Pyrogenesis


Ve Makita is the daughter of Phi and Maori Makita and is a 6th grader at Hope's Peak High. She is known to be bratty, bossy, moody, cheerless, accusing, and a bit illogical at times. Ve is very sarcastic and easy to become annoyed by almost anything. She can be overdefensive of herself and have unexpected mood swings. She even gets agitated by her own siblings for the smallest stuff, which her brothers find it annoying. Constantly pessimistic and easily snappy, she will call people offensive names should she not like them or just say "you". Ve always goes to the library for peace and quiet and even sleeps there. When a student tending to the library informed her that they'll be closing soon, Ve rolled her eyes and gave an OK. She packed her belongings and was about to head out when suddenly the lights in the building go off, much to her annoyance and disgust. However, just as she was about to head out, Scissorman was spotted and slowly came forward her snipping his giant scissors. Ve, now in a panic, had to survive the encounters inside the building. While surviving, Ve called 911 and was telling the batch to hurry up or she'll die. Despite trying to reason with her and asking her the location and culprit, she became uncooperative and the operative on the other line begins to see this as just a prank and hangs up. Ve tried again, but sadly the lines were cut off due to Scissorman disabling it. Panicking and crying, she was forced to survive on her own. Ve looked through a window that was open but was too high for her to jump down. Fortunately, her brother Beth came just in time to save her after noticing that Ve is not home and the Scissorman still lurking in the streets at night. Beth encouraged her to jump, but Ve was too scared to do it. Her courage was eventually found when Scissorman came into the same room, thus leaving her with no choice but to do so. Beth managed to successfully catch her and Ve hugged him tightly as she finally reached her breaking point, sobbing. Currently, Ve is doing well again and learns to not be so harsh and bossy no matter how big or small the situation is.


by Zee
by DDR青
by kirito
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