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Name: Tiger Ghoul
Powers: Fat Manipulation, Feline Mimicry
Tiger Ghoul
/ Name: Tiger Ghoul
Powers: Fat Manipulation, Feline Mimicry


Tiger Ghoul is a dumb, cheerful, sweet, simple minded, unique, loving, considerate, happy-go-lucky anthro tiger and is one of the players of the Main Game. Also like his unnatural gifted classmates like him, he is also part of the Doom Patrol, helping out the members and currently living at the Doom Manor along with the other gifted students. Despite Tiger's normal appearance, he's actually extremely obese, contorting all of his fat by using his ability called fat manipulation. If he wastes too much energy, his body will inflate back into his original form, though he has been learning to slightly control it properly thanks to Rita Farr. While not the brightest minded of people, he's nevertheless cheerful and happy. Tiger is best friends with Emperor Desertwolf.
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