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Nate Reeves
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/Irish Caligula Effect Weaponry: Guitar
Nate Reeves
/ Nate Reeves
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/Irish Caligula Effect Weaponry: Guitar


Nate Reeves (full name Nathan Reeves), is a junior at Hope's Peak High and one of Kay's companions. He is known to be sweet, gentle, childlike, naive, anxious, blunt, sensitive, gloomy, and misunderstood. Nate struggles with suicidal thoughts and loneliness, making a rash decision of taking someone's life as well as his so that, in his words, he wouldn't have to be alone in the afterlife. Yet despite numerous attempts, the only people that are dead is the ones he convinces to come with him, leaving only him to survive. His attempts on taking Monique's life also backfired on him. This time, greatly. Upset and distraught from loneliness, he finally snapped, causing a rift of the Caligula Effect and spawning his weapon: Guitar. When he was defeated, Nate began to sob, balling in pain both physically and emotionally, thus being rushed out of the hospital. Upon receiving therapy, it is revealed that Nate has autism: Asperger Syndrome. Thus, he received special needs care and learns that murder and suicide are bad, feeling sorry and, in court, apologizes for being suicidal and committing murder just to have friends in the afterlife. He also apologizes for being a scumbag and not understanding the world properly and constantly being a threat to society, shaking up and pausing as he sheds tears to the point that it felt like chlorine just got into his eyes and snot dripping from his face as he tries to say the rest of the sentences but having a hard time doing so. Especially when he's still terrified of the victim's family expressing their hatred towards him, how he should burn in hell, that he'll never be forgiven, and that society is better off without him. Nate's nose even began to bleed. As he was being escorted back to his seat, Nate collapsed on the floor and began having an autism meltdown, screaming and saying he's sorry and begging them not to hurt him. Some of the victim's families watch in regret as Nate had to be carried outside of the courtroom like a little boy swaddled and covered in blankets as well as being given a pillow and headphones (to cover up the sounds). Jurakan, Taino Personification of the Hurricanes, furious over the court's ruling, threatens them that he will manifest himself into Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy and destroy lives, homes, families, dreams, and the victim's families should Nate not be given his freedom. And with no other choice, knowing what Jurakan can do, the court was forced to grant Nate's freedom, much to some of the family members' further grief and rage. After Nate was released, he was joined into Kay's friend group and already throwing a party for him, congratulating him for his release, which Nate cried of joy and warmth. Nate may look intimidating and tough, but deep down he's very soft and friendly, quiet natured and loveable.
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