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Takiro Naiiji
Age: 23 Species: Human Race: Japanese
Takiro Naiiji
/ Takiro Naiiji
Age: 23 Species: Human Race: Japanese


Takiro Naiiji is a student and American football jock at Hope's Peak High. He was known to be cocky, arrogant, selfish, gassy, and spiteful. Takiro has been a big bully to other kids who are weaker than him and has even humiliated them or abused them in some way should he get either angry or his demands not meeting up his expectations. He even brags about it often. Such was the case for Toso Hakimizu, who had a nasty reputation of being a target for bullying. Takiro, along with some other bullies of Toso, caused a living hell for the poor boy and bosses him around and telling him to die or go kill himself. Takiro loved the suffering of Toso because he feels like he can always get what he wants without ever suffering the consequences. And oh was he so, so wrong. Takiro, who shares lockers with Toso, hasn't seen him getting his stuff in his locker and decides to prank him by shoving some moss into his locker and smeared his stuff on it, ruining just about everything Toso had in his locker such as gadgets, homework, notebooks, computer, etc. Later that day, Takiro notices that Toso didn't show up for class nor has he ever shown up at all. 5 days have passed, and still no sign of Toso. Takiro, who would be angry at this moment, didn't know how to feel about this whether he should be angry or worried. Takiro decided to check out Toso's place and sees that all the doors are unlocked, including his room. Calling out to him using Toso's given mocking name "Pimp", he sees Toso hanging on a noose, lifeless. Takiro, feeling guilty, lamented over what he's done and should've done and said terrible things to him and replying that he's not a wimp nor a pimp. Takiro's last response to him was this: "Toso... I'm sorry, man. You never deserved this". Suddenly, Takiro woke up and checked his surroundings. He came to a realization that all that what had transpired was just a nightmare and checked his clock to see that it's 12:00 am in the morning. Takiro, now fearing for Toso's life after noticing him on the edge of a rooftop building, rans towards him immediately and, upon arrival with the rest of the bullies, makes it to the rooftop. Takiro and Okada Moro, another jock bully, pulls back Toso from the edge just in time to save him. Despite Toso's reluctance, who is by now filled with hatred, depression, tiredness, and ready to end his life, the others insisted on doing so as the two strong boys locked on his arms. Toso could only break down into despair and begging to die as the others did their best to calm him down. Later on, the group along with Toso ate takeout along the way to an abandoned basement outside of an abandoned apartment that Toso lives at and even went out of their way to purchase furniture for him to have. Takiro explained about the dream he had and couldn't bear to take his own feelings out on someone who suffering just as he is and apologized for the things he's done. Everyone decided to stay at Toso's place for the night as of means to give him company. Currently, Takiro has become a changed man and having a new personality: awkward, goofy, comical-like, superstitious-like, extremely gassy, and cheerful. Takiro also quitted his football career and decides to take a more calmer approach such as paintings, which he finds out that he has the perfect talent for it and has a passion for it, thus making artworks of a master artist. Takiro along with the group including Toso had eventually forged a strong, tight family bond with each other that can never be broken.
by kazu
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