Malcolm Morals
/ Black Spider
Age: 16-17 Species: Metahuman Race: American Powers: Arachnid Physiology Gadgets: Grenades, Dual Pistols, Invisibility Bracelet, Spiderwebs
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Leader of the Future Foundation and protagonist. Cheerful, energetic, full of life, compassionate, determined, and always there to bring hope and encouragement. Also very comical and goofy. Despite his lack of efforts of having his members abide by some commands and to respect one another, he never stops trying and never stops pursuing the restoration of time itself. He also has a huge brotherly love for Tem Bellows, 17 years old after time of spending in the future, always coming towards his side to encourage him back and trying his best to keep things in order. He's also the one who doesn't underestimate a person's power nor demonstrates a corrupted goal of only glory and fame, but rather demonstrating determination for others in need from his heart. Eventually, he decides that Tem, now as Beta, should lead the group into battle after saving the group from an invasion of Einherjar, undead yet restless soldiers of Odin that came from Loki (Atreus)'s dimension and demonstrating his Psychokinetic abilities. Powers: Super Senses: With Spidey-Senses, Malcolm can sense danger, hidden areas, and attacks. Super Agility: Malcolm is incredibly agile and acrobatic, performing stunts, swinging on his spiderwebs, and utilizing attack and defense. Wall Crawling: Malcolm can crawl on walls like that of an arachnid. Enhanced Strength: After a bite from a radioactive spider, Malcolm's strength has enhanced greatly and allows him to carry larger objects and powerful attacks. Gadgets: Spiderwebs: Malcolm uses his spiderwebs to swing across buildings and landscapes with great distances, perform melee attacks, etc. Scarlet Grenades: Malcolm has a variety of bombs that deal damage or has great affects. His type of bombs are hallucinate, explosive, smoke bombs, poisonous, or knockout gas grenades. Dual Pistols: Malcolm uses dual pistols to perform melee and range attacks. He can also utilize bullet effects such as bloodloss, laced, and nuclear energy blasts. Invisibility Bracelet: Malcolm can cloak himself to become invisible using his Invisibility Bracelet, allowing him to maneuver and perform melee and range attacks without being seen nor spotted, for a short period of time.


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