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Kings are leaders who focuses on balancing offense and defense. They are rather slow and doesn't have a lot of range to move on but can attack twice automatically. They can also heal themselves the next turn. Zeus's Special Ability: can wield Thunder, Lightning, and Bolting
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Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea, and is the older brother of Zeus. He is known to be moody, hot-headed, greedy, lustful, and comedic. Poseidon, feeling jealous of his brother getting more worshipers despite the credit rather going to God alone, he wished to expand more of the seas using the White Dragon Wyrm, but when Zeus came to his senses and called off Talrod's execution, Poseidon was furious. Unfortunately, Poseidon's greed, wrath, envy, lust, and pride soon got the better of him when he began to rapidly expand like a water balloon, as if the goal was to expand the seas. In this side quest, The 7Individuals rid Poseidon's Parasite Shadow, and Talrod spoke to the island sized Poseidon in private. Poseidon apologizes and confesses that he is no better than his brother and fully acknowledges the situation, agreeing to become one of Talrod's king units. Poseidon can be wrathful and angry, but he's known to have a ton of sense of humor.




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by awbc
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