Axel Felipe
/ Axel Felipe
Age: 20 Species: Mutant Race: American/Puerto Rican Powers: Chronokinesis (Weed Empowerment), Teleportation Abilities: Taijutsu
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Axel Felipe is one of the older cousins of Harold Jaeger and is the leader and one of the 3 founders of the 3Darks. He is very emo-like yet very comedic and random. Completely self-centered and having no regards for others feelings, he can be somewhat cold and insincere, as well as too difficult to read as a human being due to his antisocial and loner behavior. He feels superior to everyone based on his "awesomeness", while seeing everyone else as miserable peons. However it may be, he's always got something to say and something to act upon. Though a huge lover of usurping power, he respects God out of sheer fear (respect) for the power he holds and manages.


by MO
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