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Skit Bellows
/ Skit Bellows
Age: 21-22 Species: Mutant Race: American Powers: Blob Physiology, Absolute Elasticity Weapon: Gungnir
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The 1st born of the Bellow brothers, scammer, and leader. Very deceitful and greedy for money, as well as making sales to make it look good so that he can scam others for money. He's also very manipulative, dimwitted, and impatient. Unfortunately for him, his plans always never succeeded, since everyone mocks him and knows how much dirt he has in his scams. However, his powers suddenly began to mature, revealing a blob-bloating face or body parts that inflate blubber. Even worse, he has to eat a lot of food because of his awakened powers. Thus, he stops scamming people and tries to change his ways. He eventually becomes more open-hearted and an actual big brother figure for his siblings, who he used before to gain money with no good results. Though his emotions cause him to become a blob, he still tries his best to stay strong for his family, even leaning their shoulders for comfort. Blob Physiology Applications: Blubber Inflation: Will inflate fat blubber of body fat within anywhere of his body. Including his face, becoming a bulging mass of bloating blubber. Limb Extension: Can extend his limbs to great lengths with no restrictions. Amorphous Physiology: Can become a shapeless blob of massive, bloating, gelatinous fat of blubber. In this form, he can move but slowly, fit through any tight spaces, and navigate his movement. Emotional Weakness: If his emotions begin to spiral out of control, his body will slowly inflate blubber to the point that he'll eventually transmutate into a giant blob of inflated blubber. His face would often inflate if he becomes sad, disgusted, or embarrassed. Hunger: Must eat large proportions of food to sustain and satisfy his hunger.


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