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Junpei Iori
Powers: Manipulate Magnetic Objects, Regeneration, Shift
Junpei Iori
/ Junpei Iori
Powers: Manipulate Magnetic Objects, Regeneration, Shift


Junpei Iori is a student at Hope's Peak High and member of S.E.E.S.. He is known to be cocky, stubborn, arrogant, a pervert, childish, goofy, energetic, idiotic, and comical. Junpei joined S.E.E.S. for one purpose: become a hero and gain fame and glory. And though he has caused almost disastrous results, he's also known to be deeply sensitive and quick to anger, though there are also times where his feelings could get hurt and doesn't like to see everyone in a negative mood and often staying cheerful for his friends, even if it means to do the most illogical stunts or just being plain old goofy. Junpei had a jealous rivalry with Makoto Yuki, leader of S.E.E.S., but switched to Chi Makita, the main protagonist, as he witnessed just how strong and how much forms Chi can alter. That jealousy immediately diminished after Ryuji verbally insulted Chi's mental disability, which happened to be autism, and felt deeply sorry as he watched Chi slowly leave the cafeteria in a pool of tears and pain. The next day, Junpei was the only one to check up on Chi to see how he's doing while also saying his mornings to Yaquel Guardonas, Chi's roommate/cousin. Junpei expressed his feelings of guilt and sorrow towards Chi and asking for forgiveness, which Chi already had a day ago. The two would eventually forge a brotherly bond together that can never be broken, and marking Junpei as one of Chi's supportive allies. Junpei is one of the characters who is playable with their own main story. Persona: Trismegistus


by zenbop
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