Rodrigo Mendez
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Rodrigo Mendez is a convicted/former serial killer and a normal student at Hope's Peak High as well as the main protagonist of his story. He is known to be goofy, comical, comedic, kind-hearted, laid-back, a brother figure, and sensitive. He wasn't always like this before though. Oh no, he was ill-tempered, hot-headed, extremely rude, disrespectful, violent, arrogant, and aggressive. Not only was he a bully, he was also a murderer because of his snappy behavior towards other students who talked bad about him. When he realizes the murder, he gets afraid and feels guilty, leaving a chocolate bar for those who loved the victim. The 20th made him finally stop and he immediately turned himself in after leaving another chocolate bar next to the body. The deceased's loved ones shouted angrily at him and even went to the defense stand to hurt the boy but was restrained. However, only Moeru Makita, his classmate, stood up for him and bluntly stated that he should be given another chance in life. Despite everyone's outrage, Cat Makita barged in and made it clear that Rodrigo will be released immediately, which even surprised him. The next day, Rodrigo was released and he became a new person. He was even adopted by Xavier Makita, joining in the ginormous family. He also became the leader of the 4Teens. While his reputation throughout the public gets criticized and talked badly about him, he gets used to the negativity and moves passes his mistakes and sins, wanting to continue living for the lives he stole. And eventually, his condemning reputation even began to slowly move back up again thanks to others who would stick up for him. Cat also makes sure to prevent any murders coming from Rodrigo's hands and protecting both the public and him.


by Chase
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