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Name: Eketo Mukachi
Eketo Mukachi
/ Name: Eketo Mukachi


Eketo Mukachi is a 2nd semester student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Carpenter. She is known to be extremely kinky, rash, timid, loud, tomboyish, hot-headed, thirsty (hint) and profane. She may be intimidating due to her loud and hot-headed personality/behavior, but she can easily squeal whenever someone shouts at her or when there is a topic that she rather keep a secret. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop her from making porn jokes here and there. She also has a strong fetish of fattening boys so that she can watch them grow rapidly bigger in size, giving her an orgasm. Yep, she has an interest for fat boys, though Tau Makita, Chi (Kai)'s brother, is her biggest crush. While this may, and should, be a huge problem for Tau, he doesn't mind it that much and goes on with his day. Though it does make him blush in embarrassment. Ultimate: Carpenter
by Seki
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