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Codename: Pessir
Pessir Talisman
/ Codename: Pessir


Pessir is a student of Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Planner. She is moody, hot-headed, stubborn, perspective, and arrogant. She is quick to blame others and would use harsh words that can bring a person down. This caused her to learn a hard lesson when the protagonist, an Ultimate Prosecutor, passed out on the floor with tears flowing nonstop, emotions going spiral, and his nose bleeding after being bombarded with one negative opinion after another from the other students during the first school trial, as he tried to reason with everyone but to no avail, which made him a prime suspect but was taken to an infirmary and therefore suspending the trial until he regains consciousness. Pessir was made a suspect due to her framing the protagonist, Raillo. Raillo exposed the real culprit and taking Pessir off the suspect list. When the culprit was executed by Monokuma, Pessir felt humiliated and sought revenge. Unfortunately for her, she was exposed as the true blackened during another court trial as she tried to pin the blame on Roach. She was then executed for her crimes and felt the despair of not guilt but rather unsatisfied arrogance and annoyance as well as frustration. Ultimate: Planner
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