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Name: Austin Rokata
Powers: Paint Morphing
Austin Rokata
/ Name: Austin Rokata
Powers: Paint Morphing


Austin Rokata is a 4th semester student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Painter. A troubled kid with Asperger Syndrome, he is known to be picky, shy, a loner, stubborn, and a shut-in. Austin avoids going to his assigned classrooms, let alone his own dorm with a roommate inside, and usually stays inside of his lab, gray concrete walls, ceiling, and floors and painting equipment. Austin is also a quiet boy, so opening up will be a huge issue. It wasn't until Chi (Kai) came along and patiently waited until Austin felt more comfortable around his presence and began to open up with him a little more. Eventually, Austin got attached to him and began opening up a lot more, with his true personality revealed: childish, smart, airheaded, blunt, silly, and always hungry. Austin also began to go to his assigned classrooms and dorm, as well as associating with his classmates. Ultimate: Painter
by KKK
by Tank22
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