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Name: Cliff Steele
Powers: Super Strength, Durability
Cliff Steele
/ Name: Cliff Steele
Powers: Super Strength, Durability


Cliff Steele is a member of the Doom Patrol and a former race car driver. He is known to be profane, goofy, wild, and comedic. After Niles caused an accident for Cliff and transplanted his brain into a robotic body, Cliff joined the team immediately and began forging bonds with Jane, Rita Farr, Vic Stone, and Larry Trainor. When the truth about the accident unraveled due to Mr. Nobody's persistence and Niles revealing to them that he was the one responsible, Cliff forged a deep hatred towards the man he once respected. Wakoshi Makita, the Ultimate Scarecrow and one of Cliff's biggest fans, looks up to him as a father figure but bluntly scolds him at times for being an idiot as well as for being an angry pout. Though there are times where Cliff gets angry and snaps at the boy, he can't deny Wakoshi's wisdom and logic, knowing that the robot himself isn't any better either. Cliff, Jane, and Wakoshi hang out a lot often and forged stronger bonds with each other, bonds that can never be easily broken. Cliff is the father of Claire Steele.
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