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Codename: Pharaoh
Powers: Prophetic Gift
Riley Hikota
/ Codename: Pharaoh
Powers: Prophetic Gift


Pharaoh is the youngest of the Hikota Siblings. He is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and can be a bit shy at times even when he's unsure of somethings. However, when he suddenly became a student at Hope's Peak Academy, he at first became very shy, but began to open up very fast when his classmates began to spend time with him. This powerful bond managed to save all of them from a terrible fate, as Pharaoh himself is a SHIFTer, one that can travel the consciousness through time and space, while also gaining a Phantom Thief Attire and a Navigator Persona. He considers his classmates as brothers and siblings to him. Also note that Pharaoh is silly, random, blunt, childish, loveable, sensitive, and considerate Persona: Geb Ultimate: Navigator
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