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Kooky Poppers
Kooky Poppers
/ Kooky Poppers


Kooky Poppers is an ultimate student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Astronaut alongside Kaito Momota. He is known to be childish, energetic, a space-lover, hyperactive, and weird. However, he is also arrogant, twisted, deranged, and psychotic. Kooky is known to talk about space non-stop and always has a fascination with the wide open universe. But he also holds a dark side to him, getting extremely aggressive and violent even to the point of murder should anyone talk bad about space, even forming a hitlist just because of it. Kooky has no care for human life, only wishing that he himself can go to space. However, his fascination eventually marked the murder of Vermillion Rogue, the Ultimate Scientist, who managed to put up a fight with Kooky thanks to his powers, but was fatally wounded nevertheless. Kooky managed to dispose any evidence leading to his crimes and went to the cafeteria just in time to act out as if he was one of the bystanders. During the Class Trial, Chi Makita, the protagonist, managed to pin all the gathered evidence including Vermillion's dying message to pin Kooky as the true culprit. Kooky tried to play innocent and dumb, but as evidence began to pile up more and more, Kooky eventually began to show his true colors. When he was voted as the guilty, Kooky confessed to his crimes and gave them his motive: Vermillion making fun of his space addiction. Despite the actions, Kooky does feel guilty after witnessing what he just done, and was deeply hurt to see Vermillion go. Cat assured that no execution was needed but will punish Kooky for his consequences and let him come back once the three weeks was over. Thus, the Big Bang Planet Punishment ensues, as Kooky was placed into space and then began to inflate like a balloon, becoming the size of the planet Jupiter. Kooky was released three weeks later normal again, and became a normal student and sharing a bond with Chi that can never be broken, becoming one of his supportive allies. Kooky got rid of his bad side and was even forgiven from his friends.
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