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Kyle Winston (Before)
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American
Kyle Winston
/ Kyle Winston (Before)
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American


Kyle Winston is a junior at Hope's Peak High. He is known to be flirtatious, pervertive, comical-like, nosey, and a total pig. Known among his peers as the most pervertive student, Kyle would spend most of his time stalking, harassing, flirting, and creeping upon woman. This is the reason why all girl students that are in high school age stay away from him, seeing him as disgusting. He can also get very demanding and greedy. Because of his prideful and stubborn ways, as well as the constant sexual harassment to the high school female students, the some girls decided to pull a prank on him as revenge. They secretly poured white paint on him on top of the roof and, upon being mocked by others, walked away in shame and humiliation. The next few days, Kyle never came out of his dorm room after realizing just how disgusting he was towards females and doesn't want to be a nuisance. His pride ruined and completely humbled, Kyle stayed in his room until the day he would be called upon by the protagonist Tau Makita.


by CG
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