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Kyle Winston
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American
Kyle Winston
/ Kyle Winston
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American


Kyle Winston is a junior at Hope's Peak High. He is known to be gloomy, emo-like, weird, dark humored, boorish, unphased, unamused, and awkward. After being humiliated by some girls as payback for all the constant sexual harassment and isolating himself as of means to keep others away from him after reflecting and realizing just how sick in the head he is, Kyle's personality also changed drastically. Feeling like he could no longer enjoy anything because of his past actions, Kyle also became extremely antisocial, pushing literally anyone away from him even if it means to shove them aside to get out of his way. Kyle would eventually return to the building one day as of means to figure out why a student girl tried to take her own life via by falling to her death (she survived and is now in the hospital recovering), which the idea was brought up by none other than Tau Makita, a security guard. All the eventual players (suspects) pointed their fingers towards Kyle because of being a maniacal bastard that sexually harasses other high school girls and even stalking them. Kyle was unphased by this, remaining silent for almost the entire game. Just as everyone was about to vote him as the culprit, Tau stopped them and told them that there's still evidence that he has yet revealed, and backs up Kyle by stating that the motive didn't involve Kyle because she was one of the girls who humiliated him. Despite the arguments becoming more and more complex as the game advances, they eventually ended up with one single truth that fully reveals her motive of attempting suicide: because she felt awful for doing wrong in the Lord's sight trying to get even and thought that he committed suicide, eventually feeling guilty and attempted to take hers as well, feeling like she now doesn't deserve to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This came to a shock for everyone, especially the girls. Kyle didn't show a hint of emotion, but did break into tears and feeling hurt inside for what he's done. Taking a deep yet reluctant breath, he explained that he realized just how filthy and disgusting his actions were and had isolated himself into his dorm room because he wanted to rid his existence so that everybody could breath, becoming the messed up lazy pig he is. Upon saying those words, his voice also began to tremble and break a bit as he was saying his sentences. He also didn't go because of the humiliation he'll receive from others and being the laughing stock at school (which turned out to be true of course except for those who find it oblivious and seeing that they're just as worse as him). The players fell into silence, while the girls who humiliated him looked down in utter shame. Kyle also explained about his childhood and how witnessing his father sexually torturing his mother constantly non-stop, and how it affected his siblings greatly. Kyle could no longer keep himself together and eventually broke down, wailing loudly in the Main Game Court Room. Tau Makita, Marcus Edwinard, and Foxy Makita comforted him. Tau told Kyle that she knew there was something wrong from the very beginning, seeing him suffer all alone with nobody there for him and reminded him that there are still those who care about him. Kyle gave a tight hug to the trio, which they turned the favor as well. Currently, Kyle is doing better again. Though he still has the unphased and unamused personality hard to break, he does show love and consideration for others. He's also getting the love and care from others, love that comes from the heart and that all he needed was to be loved by someone. Kyle is getting mental help via his therapist, who is very patient, determined, cheerful, goofy, comical-like, and random for no reason. Put simply, crazy but comical and loving.


by CG
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