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❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀ Despite her colorful appearance, Merri is a scientist employed by MYTHOS. Due to her familiarity with the music industry and concert scene, she was put in charge of overseeing the SodaGirls as their manager and chaperone. Due to her warm and somewhat parental nature, she grew attached to the girls, and when MYTHOS cut them loose, she signed the ridiculously harsh nondisclosure agreement the organization required to let her leave along with them. Now she continues to look after the girls, as well as performing maintenance behind the scenes on various escaped MYTHOS experiments to keep them in good health. ❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀☆♡❀
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