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Vatki Sankuti
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: Indian Talents: Classic and Self-Modernized Indian Dancing
Vatki Sankuti
/ Vatki Sankuti
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: Indian Talents: Classic and Self-Modernized Indian Dancing


Vatki Sankuti is a foreign sophomore at Hope's Peak High. He is known to be energetic, silly, courageous, outlandish, childish, playful, goofy, and comical like. Before moving to America, where Hope's Peak High is located, Vatki was born and raised in India, where he had problems with his family's strict rules and obsessive rules for worshiping the Hindu gods. Vatki learned the traditional Indian dances and moves but refuses to make expressions during his dances, often closing his eyes frowning and expressing improperly, thus known as the Angry Dancer. This is due to the hatred of his religion and rules he had to abide by, and only his mother, father, and siblings are there to support him through comfort. Though his relationships with his siblings (all 4 sisters) can be confusing from time to time due to playing around with them and annoying them purposely like a little boy, they nevertheless have love for each other. When his parents converted to Christianity, an argument between both sides of the family ensues, and which leads to Vatki's mother being murdered by her own father. After the grandfather was arrested for murder and sentenced to prison, Vatki's father set his own family's sites towards America. Vatki's uncles, aunts, and grandparents tried to force Vatki to stay because of his dancing talents, but was reported of the issue of harassment (which is the truth) and sent home with a legal restraining order filed by his father. Now at America and a new school, Vatki has noticed a lot of differences from back in India and is amazed by how they cooked the food. He was even surprised to see that people eat meat and other types of food and drinks that he was forbidden to eat because of his religion of Hinduism. There, he befriended a freshman student name Kell Makita, and both forged a strong bond with each other that can never be broken. Vatki would also be a victim few weeks later of the murder case revolving the Clock Tower case and survivor of the Scissorman encounter. He even journeyed to England with Tara Akane, Okada Moro, and a few other people because he wants to make sure that Nancy is safe and sound, showing that he loves and cares for his friends needs rather than himself. Despite the ambush Scissorman made, he still manages to survive the second time and makes it out alive with the rest of the gang. Though non-canon and a side story of what if, the plot never changes depending on the person and stays the same. Currently, Vatki is expressing himself a lot more and has been known for his trained dances back in India and ridding the religion parts and meanings to his dances, expressing his positivity and even uses his dance moves when dancing for the Lord Yahweh (YHVH), all-be-it wildly and energetic. He even makes different faces when it comes to his dances. Oh, and in case you didn't know but already know he HAS converted into Christianity, he dances Indian style because of how he was raised in. Vatki is the boyfriend of Nancy Price.


by 阿成
by MO
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