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Since there are extremely few publications of VRM 1.0 models on VRoid Hub, I will share my poorly-made creation. I have made adjustments in Blender and Unity, including setting constraints, based on a VRoid model. In VRoid Studio (v1.26.0), many of the spring bones are not set with collider groups in the VRM 1.0 model. To prevent hair from passing through the body, reconfiguration in Unity is necessary. To depict eyebrows protruding above the bangs, customize the Unity Render Queue. This can be configured by displaying the Debug tab in the VRM 1.0 Window (VRM1.0 Model Editor). Before that, please don't forget to extract Materials and textures. So, the blend shape count for this model was confirmed as 57 in Unity, after importing into Unity or Blender even once, VRoid Hub displays it as 399.


by Tom
by e.t
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