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New pioneers uniform (2021)
Be happy! Leave the rest to someone else. 😉 "Minna Aurora"
Minna Aurora
/ New pioneers uniform (2021)
Be happy! Leave the rest to someone else. 😉 "Minna Aurora"



Name: Minna Aurora Age: 17 Gender: Female Size: 174cm Weight: 60kg Date of birth: April. 2003. 16 Place of birth: Hungary Minna is one of the greatest examples of what it is like when all of humanity’s DNA is fused into one chain. The result is an incredibly intelligent, super-powerful and very fast individual that would have been used for experimental purposes. It didn’t happen because his parents didn’t give it a stretch. In addition to her school years, she is a member of a Hungarian secret organization whose important task is to protect her country and the world. Features: High intelligence, superpower, super-speed, sensing and healing other energy emissions. She likes: Outdoor sports, dancing, bright colors, meaningful conversations and burgers. What she Dislikes: public conflict, cigarettes, swearing and grayscale. His character: She is optimistic, a bit withdrawn, sociable and helpful.
by I Nel
by 藍殷
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by Black
by Ant zu
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