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/ Ho


Ho is Kai Makita's flubber pet. He is known to be playful, goofy, comical like, and clumsy. Ho is very jolly and can't communicate with human language, often making sounds. He is best known for his ability to expand the human body via by contact. That is, depending on the flubber's gender. As of guessed, Ho is a male flubber and expands parts of the male human body. Male flubbers expands the fat cells of the male human in all areas of the body's flesh, expanding large amounts of mass and girth and making them into a gigantic blob of mass. There powers of expanding the male human body is also endless, meaning they can use their Steatokinesis however they please. To do so, they have to morph their way into the male body, that way they can morph the body of their host. They can also increase muscle and expand the body in different methods of inflation. They are extremely harmless and very helpful at times but can be very mischievous from time to time. Ho demonstrates these characteristics perfectly, but has begun to learn self-control and discipline, confirming that any gender of flubber are capable of adapting and learning. Male flubbers have countless times of mischief, but only targets those who are sinful in their self-esteem with the following list: jocks, nerds, manly stalkers, athletes, obese, abusive family members, braggers, naughty children, food greedy, wrathful, and the immobile. Worse part is, they can be found everywhere but not visible to the public eyes thanks to their Invisibility, so it's a good thing Ho is properly disciplined. But that still doesn't stop him from causing a bit of mischief.
17 days ago
o(>< )o aaaaaa parece um feijãozin me dá , obrigada por deixar usar
by 黄色
by Vepii
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