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Name: Daythona Heathens
Daythona Heathens
/ Name: Daythona Heathens


Daythona Heathens is a student at Hope's Peak High and is known as the Ultimate Singer. She is positive, kind, generous, considerate, and tough. Daythona and her older brother tend to bicker at one another because her brother is known as the Ultimate Criminal due to his violent behavior and his hot-headed temper. Daythona does try to spend time with him but he refuses because he could care less, which was a lie. Unfortunately, she was murdered and a 3rd Class Trial had to take place. This caused a huge commotion, as she was loved by all due to her selfless and caring personality. It also opened her brothers eyes as he lost the only one who cared for him in his past. Daythona was also a member of the student council. Ultimate: Singer
by Zerks
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