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Orenji Rokata
Powers: Body Expansion (Juice-Body Manipulation)
Orenji Rokata
/ Orenji Rokata
Powers: Body Expansion (Juice-Body Manipulation)


Orenji Rokata is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and one of the offspring of Deven Rokata. He is known to be energetic, childish, child-like, sweet, goofy, comedic, and comical. Like the Barry Makita, the Ultimate Blueberry, Orenji can expand his body fat to mass size and taking the shape of a gigantic orange fruit. Though small, he's very hilarious and sweet, wanting nothing more than to see his friends be happy and is always cheerful. However, he's also very sincere with his feelings, so being verbally attacked can easily hurt him. He has a tendency to act like a child a lot, always doing something that normal kids would do such as goofing off, playing around, and loves to hang out with friends and family. He even likes to stay up all night but can easily doze of once the energy begins to die down. One of Kai's cousins and one of the major characters, Orenji is one of the characters who has a heart made of gold.
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