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Aadhva Sankuti
Age: 18 Species: Human Race: Indian
Aadhva Sankuti
/ Aadhva Sankuti
Age: 18 Species: Human Race: Indian


Aadhva Sankuti is a foreign college student at Hope's Peak High and is the oldest sister of Vatki Sankuti. She is known to be cheerful, girlie, innocent-like, energetic, and strong. Despite her small structure and cheerful demeanor, she is one tough and strong girl. Literally. Physically athletic and skillful at dancing, she is one girl dare to mot be underestimated. Aadhva also has a crush interest name Field Makita, son of Xavier and Ruta Makita. In Aadhva and Field's side story, Aadhva becomes the second target inside the girls dorm from Scissorman, a mysterious and supernatural murderer. Even if she uses her skills of combat to beat him, Scissorman gets back up and snapping his giant scissors at her, causing her to panic and escape the dorm using every item to find a way out as well as witnessing a few of her friends murdered and mutilated. Both Aadhva and Field manage to put an end to Edward Burroughs, the revealed mastermind and true murderer, using the Door Spell and the Sacred Hidden Door. The ending is still the same no matter what story you choose: Aadhva and Field are dating now even if Aadhva is 5 years younger than Field.


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