Drake Morgan Scythen
/ F3 7th-S1 Drake M. Scythen
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Drunk father and F3 7th Stage's Boss. Known to be a poor father who drinks constantly and takes his anger out on his family (more specifically Frank) due to mourning for the loss of his daughter. When the HBP reached to F3's 7th and final stage, they are given a goal: Survive the bloodthirsty Drunk. As they reached the goal, Drake appears, completely intoxicated and out for blood. Thus, the HBP were in battle against Drake. After the party beats him, Drake refuses to give up even though his body is ready to collapse. Frank gave him a music box, previously owned by the deceased, after fixing it for him. Drake immediately broke down. Drake eventually gave the ok for the party, and the group continued their way towards F4. The HBP bonds with Drake from time to time, forming a relationship with him.


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