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Giant Jery
I grew up for the task! "Jery"
Jery (Jericho)
/ Giant Jery
I grew up for the task! "Jery"



Name: Jery Age: 6 Gender: Male Size: ? Weight: ? Date of birth: March 4, 2014 Place of birth: Hungary Bitsy's classmate. A little perpetual moving guy who is always looking for new adventures. He often involves Bitsy in these as well. Features: Double kick, quick attack and quick defense. (These are only created when Jerry has grown up.) Likes: Soccer, outdoor and video games (that's why he likes outdoor games), chemistry, and logic developers. What he Dislikes: flying, teasing, and does not like to be mocked by him. His character: He’s a little back aloof boy, but he makes friends easily. Unfortunately, he fears that one day one of his secrets will be revealed and that Jerry will be able to grow bigger.
by Ash
by citron
by Edwin
by GDM12
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