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Yukari Takeba
/ Yukari Takeba
Powers: Persona (Garu)
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Yukari Takeba is a member of S.E.E.S. and a student at Gekkoukan High School but has transferred to Hope's Peak High as a normal student along with the rest of S.E.E.S.. She is known to be blunt, girlie, kind, cheerful, sarcastic, moody, and easily annoyed even for trivial things. Despite her cheerful ways, she is also lonely and fears about getting to close to people as they might find out about her past. Luckily, her loneliness is starting to break as she hangs out with her companions. Yukari has feelings for Makoto Yuki. When she moved at Hope's Peak High, she had a serious disgust towards Chi Makita, the main protagonist, due to being weirded out and feeling awkward whenever she's around him. It was Ryuji's insult towards Chi's autism that she began to see the full picture. The next day, after math class with Dhurke Lions, Chi's and Yukari's math teacher, Yukari came towards Chi and apologizes for not taking his feelings to consideration, and the two eventually forged a sibling bond that can never be broken, marking Yukari as one of Chi's supportive allies. Persona: Io


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To Youkai Katakiri: Thnx!
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This is cool


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