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Railo Cobroch
Age: 13 Species: Human Race: Scottish Powers: Superhuman Strength, Monkey Mimicry, Spider Mimicry, Stealth
Railo Cobroch
/ Railo Cobroch
Age: 13 Species: Human Race: Scottish Powers: Superhuman Strength, Monkey Mimicry, Spider Mimicry, Stealth


Railo Cobroch is a freshman at Hope's Peak High who has Asperger Syndrome. He is known to be shy, awkward, anxious, timid, obedient, pressured, childlike, quiet, sweet, and bully fueled. Throughout his life, Railo never received the love and affection he rightfully deserves. Everyone he meets treats him poorly, is rarely visible to others unless as an entertainment, and his own family neglecting and disowning him as part of the family. The top bully is Stephanus Rex, a bully and jock known for his ruthless actions but never punished for it by teachers or his parents. Railo also never received a diagnosis, which the nurses and other doctors strongly advised his parents to have him get one but the parents refusing so. Railo's life of bullying only increased and grew worse, and was even sent to Hope's Peak High's orphanage by his parents when he was 12. No one stood up for him, and no one was there for him but himself to defend and care for. He also gets overpowered very easily and taken advantage of because of his kind-hearted and sweet nature. His mother soon came to the school to give cash to her kids (siblings) and giving them love and affection despite their annoyance. When Railo witnessed this, he snapped. Grabbing a large sledgehammer left purposely by Headmaster Cat Makita, he slowly walked towards his mother's direction dragging the giant hammer and swung hard with brute strength and ease, killing her instantly. Despite knowing that she's now dead, he repeated the smashing out of shear force and remarkable strength as tears began to form from his eyes. It took four officers to drag Railo away from the body, now completely smashed and unrecognizable, as Railo entered an autism meltdown, which can be heard almost half of the building. Few days later in trial, Railo's defense attorney Phoenix Wright proved to the court that Railo has a disability that was left undiagnosed and fully neglected and easily won his case with just a few evidence needed. As such, Railo's dad was declared as guilty in a separate trial and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Railo on the other hand was given a pass to the crime he committed and was granted a guardian: a former (now rejoined) policeman name Keiji Shinogi. Since then, everyone began to respect him as an individual, and Railo was given the love and affection he rightfully deserves. Railo grew very attached to Keiji and seeing him as a fatherly figure for him and the two forged a father and son bond that can never be broken. Railo is the main protagonist of his adventures and forging strong bonds with others who are good at heart and even his bullies/enemies becoming friends with him whole-heartedly.


by Meri
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