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Parati Sankuti
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: Indian Powers: Superior Intelligence
Parati Sankuti
/ Parati Sankuti
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: Indian Powers: Superior Intelligence


Parati Sankuti is a foreign transfer student at Hope's Peak High and the older sister of Vatki Sankuti. She is known to be ladylike, cheerful, kind-hearted, brave, courageous, a woman of God, and intelligent. Parati has always been open hearted with people and always has a fascination with dancing. She too became very distinctive of her own cultural religion in India but does her best to keep a smile on her face to not arouse suspicion or concern. But it came to the point where she decided to eradicate her religion completely from herself and devote to the one true God Yahweh (YHVH) due to her own mother getting shot in the chest by her own religious father (a Hindu) and dying in her own son's arms bleeding to death because of devoting her own family into Christianity. While Parati is a very cheerful and charismatic girl, she also has her moments of utter irritation and annoyance with Vatki, who's been known to cause a lot of trouble before moving out of India. In one instance, Parati woke up and looked into the mirror as usual only to see that her silk, raven black hair had been dyed into the color blue and was furious, screaming and throwing stuff at Vatki and chasing him all around the house as Vatki ran for dear life, laughing non-stop. Luckily, the other Hinduists (who made it very clear that dying their hair into a different color is forbidden) accepts her hair and even contemplated about how beautiful she looks in it despite the circumstances, so she decides to keep it. Another instance is where Parati had her eyebrows a bit too high because, you guessed it, Vatki kept on bugging her while she tries to correct it and messing up, resulting in Vatki getting pummeled and thrown out of the bathroom. There are many instances revolving around her misfortunate events because of her brother, but that never stopped her from loving him dearly and being their for him even if he can be a trickster. She even cries in utter despair whenever she witnesses her brother having a panic attack and being sent to the hospital, feeling helpless for not being there for him. She's a big sister for Vatki and even a mother figure for kids and friends. In other words, Parati is very polite and mature. She was one of the players of the Main Game in a trial she participated to watch and shows her more intelligent and sharp-sighted personality of hers, offering much help for Tau Makita, the main protagonist and one of Jurakan's incarnates. The jewel bestowed in her forehead is a gift from her mother and father that represents her as a precious girl that glows and shines through the darkness from the depths of despair and strong as a ruby. Since then, she always cherishes her jewel. God uses her in many ways to spread his good wonders and news and uses her when there is something that needs to be done even if she is not in the position to do so as a citizen, showing her determination that never wavers and expresses it wisely.


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