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Taw Jr. Makita
Age: 7 Days Species: Mutant Race: Japanese/Hebrew/Okinawan/Greek/Italian Powers: Telepathy, Precognition, Super Intelligence (developing)
Taw Jr. Makita
/ Taw Jr. Makita
Age: 7 Days Species: Mutant Race: Japanese/Hebrew/Okinawan/Greek/Italian Powers: Telepathy, Precognition, Super Intelligence (developing)


Taw Jr. Makita is a newborn baby and the son of Tau Makita and Anaya Jinsei (now Makita). He is known to be very fussy, needy, and an attention seeker, much like normal newborn infants. He also loves cuddles from his parents and will cry hysterically non-stop should he ever feel nobody carrying him, extremely afraid to be left alone. The difference about Taw and normal newborn babies is his early powers. His power is Telepathy, the ability to communicate through minds without the use of speaking physical words of sound. Though unaware of his powers, he still uses it unnoticed to him whenever he cries. Taw becomes hysterical immediately should he feel ignored or when he's feeling intensively uncomfortable even to the point of screaming in agony, showing that he can be excessively anxious about how he's cared. Fortunately, he doesn't cry a lot since he's mostly cared for by his father Tau, who has to use his own milk instead of Taw's mother Anaya and being kept and comforted inside his fathers belly, which would be visible due to the gigantic stomach fat bulging out of his shirt and hoodie and adding more fat into Tau's body to give enough milk for Taw. Anaya, on the other hand, does the cleaning of the house, working in Tau's place, bathes Taw Jr., and cooks. Anaya's skillful cooking is never to be wavered nor should it be underestimated, since she excels at culinary arts from Hope's Peak High and still in college doing her best for her new family. Taw also gets visits from his grandparents Xavier and Ruta Makita and his uncle and aunts. Tau carries his boy around in public wherever he goes so that Anaya wouldn't be the only one working and so that Taw would be watched constantly as Tau continues his detective work. Despite the dangers, Tau feels more secure whenever he's carried by his father, who has a traditional Native American baby carrier strapped on his back. Taw also proves to be very useful whenever it came to detective work despite being a newborn infant, using his Telepathic abilities and Precognitive abilities that are confusing for him but nevertheless useful, undenounced to him that he is sending the dreams automatically to his fathers. This proves that God can even use newborn babies, kids, and grown-ups for his greater purposes of the near future and to help bring justice for those who are suffering. Taw is named after one of the Hebrew Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet.


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