Killer Lagomorph
/ Killer Lagomorph
Powers: Super Intelligence
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Killer Lagomorph is one of Chi's most intelligent and sinister foes. He is known to be cunning, wise, merciless, chilling, and extremely intelligent. His real name is Donnie Reils, a troubled boy who is a target for bullying and has a crush on Marissa Scholders, A.K.A. Squidgirl. When Squidgirl was arrested for causing havoc and killing three Hope's Peak High students, Donnie eventually snapped and vowed revenge on Chi for taking away his beloved from him. Killer Lagomorph was then born and caused panic upon the public, so that way he can lure in Chi into his trap. Unfortunately, despite being successful, Chi managed to gain a new form and became Lagos, and fought back Killer Lagomorph, ultimately defeating him. Killer Lagomorph was arrested and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, as well as vowing to become one of Chi's foes to exact revenge.


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