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Sotsume Ikachi
Age: 13 Species: Mouse Race: Japanese Powers: Fast chewing
Sotsume Ikachi
/ Sotsume Ikachi
Age: 13 Species: Mouse Race: Japanese Powers: Fast chewing


Sotsume Ikachi is a freshman at Hope's Peak High. She is known to be cheerful, blunt, bratty, mischievous, bully-like, spoiled, and sassy. Sotsume is best friends with Molly Lisanna since both are known to have rich families and money. She was considered a better friend than all the other friends in their little friend group according to Molly. She even enjoys watching other people suffer with Molly, specifically Trace Gillean, a bully-fueled student. Sotsume was invited to Molly's birthday party and had a huge blast of excitement and fun while she was there. However, upon leaving (Qoph and Beth's side story), she felt something off and feeling like she's being followed. Luckily, she ran towards the police station and enters the building. There, she immediately informs the receptionist of the problem when her sentence was abruptly cut off when she notices that the receptionist is pale. Upon touching and attempting to call her out, she was startled when the receptionist's upper half disconnected from her bottom half and screamed in terror upon seeing this. That was when Scissorman made his presence known wide open and Sotsume had to survive the stalking of Scissorman. She tries calling her friend Molly, but received no response. That was when another call came in. Kenjiro Takamashi. She informed him of what's going on and Kenjiro immediately called the police. He then informed her instructions on how to survive. As time went on, she is suddenly jumpscared by the doors slammed open and Leon S. Kennedy appears. When Leon asks what's wrong, Sotsume collapsed in his body sobbing as Leon comforted her. The next day, when Sotsume headed towards the usual spot in school to tell her friends, she became shocked and horrified when she hears Molly telling her friends that she contacted Scissorman and told him where she was as a prank, much to the other girls utter disgust and disbelief as well as pondering just how horrible they are compared to her. Sotsume also realizes this as well, and became increasingly angry as to how her own "bff" took advantage of her despite all the years they've been together and even attending her birthday party with loads of gifts for her. She confronts this to Molly and straight up told her what she had to go through last night much to the girls utter horror. But Molly simply laughed as if it was just another joke and told her that Sotsume is probably hallucinating or something because of the party's aftermath, which Sotsume and the other girls angrily looked at her. Sotsume, now furious, implied that she can't believe just how ugly she was to everyone and how she treated them, being no different than Molly. When Molly was about to say something cocky and boastful, as if to put her in her place, Sotsume shouted angrily at her to shut up and how she isn't going to let this stand. Sotsume then, despite her size, proceeded to beat the living $#*@ outta her and then taking her leave along with the rest of the girls but not before they and everyone who attended her birthday party began stripping her of the gifts and money she received from them, left as a humanoid distorted ragdoll pretzel. Despite the stories being different, it nevertheless ends similarly. Since then, Sotsume undergo a transformation of her personality: cheerful, comical-like, comedic, goofy, friendly, considerate, girlie, and fashionable. She even forged a friendship with Trace and apologized to him for constantly bullying him, which Trace already forgave her every time she did and only wishes to start over.


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