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Name: Brick Rokata
Powers: Durable Head, Brick Mimicry
Brick Rokata
/ Name: Brick Rokata
Powers: Durable Head, Brick Mimicry


Brick Rokata is a 14 year old boy who suffers from Crying Chibi Syndrome, a syndrome that causes the person to be born and constantly function like a baby, as well as constantly crying and screaming at the top of their lunges non-stop due to fear while also being nonverbal. The fears? Sound, Movement, Hunger, Bladder, etc. Even if it's small, it'll still cause anxiety to raise drastically, and sending them to a panic. Brick, who was codenamed at the time, struggled with everyday life because of his condition, and can't go to sleep because of his panicking screams, which is also the source of the problem as he doesn't realize that his own screams are causing this to happen to him. And it only gets worse as time goes on. The only way to stop his constant panicking is to cover his ears with headphones and setting him down on the floor and leaving him alone, where he'll eventually calm down. Without sound and movement, while also having his eyes open will quiet him down, but hunger and bladder will eventually start it all over again. The reason why he sits still? Simple, he feels much safer when he's sitting still and eyes open, while having his head still as well, further proving that his anxiety is extremely effecting his everyday life. No matter what you do for him and how much you try, it won't make him stop panicking, which also proves that he has no trust for anything and anyone. His thought process of eating food is also wrong, thinking that food will magically appear in his stomach and that he won't have to use the bathroom on himself, which is oh so wrong. Dajieon Rokata, one of the members of the Doom Patrol's Hope's Peak High students and the older brother of Brick, eventually spotted his long lost little brother, recognizing him due to Brick's structure (BTW, he was in a bombing shelter with others from different dimensions). Brick, upon seeing Dajieon, screamed louder than ever and panicking, swaying around as of to get out despite his limitations. Dajieon wasn't phased but has noticed how stubborn and scared Brick was, refusing anyone because of the lack of trust. Fortunately, Dajieon had a better idea: Take him home and care for him. 2 weeks passed and the others, including the 7Individuals, came to the Doom Manor to check up on Dajieon and Brick, surprised to see the results. Brick wasn't crying , nor was he scared anymore. When he was brought by the Doom Manor the 1st day late at night, still panicking, Dajieon plopped on his bed with Brick, and the suddenly stopped crying when he felt Dajieon's big stomach jiggle, and got curious. Curiosity turned into laughter and entertainment as Brick played around with his stomach while Dajieon lay on his bed snacking while watching TV. Brick also felt like something's bothering him, because Brick seen a figure who looked just like Dajieon, and realized that it was the same guy he saw when Brick was locked up as a failed experiment. Dajieon informed him the news about the whole family, and indicating that Dajieon his biological older brother. This was a huge step for Brick as he began to like other people and becoming more associative. He also took a like to squishy things. Though there are times he'll panic and cry about something, it's not as severe as it was before. Brick also formed a relationship with Dajieon, growing a strong bond that can never be broken.
by ゆあ
by Noah
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