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Name: Syobai Hashimoto
Powers: Reality Bending
Syobai Hashimoto
/ Name: Syobai Hashimoto
Powers: Reality Bending


Syobai Hashimoto is a student at Hope's Peak High, one of the survivors of the killing game forged by Mikado Sannoji, and is the Ultimate Broker. He is known to be blunt, greedy, self-centered, twisted, laid-back, intelligent, and extremely twisted. There are only two things he values more in the world: His life and money. Syobai hates wasting money, as it was of means to keep himself alive, and always gets the job done unless he is bribed. He can even go so far as to avoid the law. Chi (Kai) Makita, the Ultimate Dragon, was the only one who wasn't phased by Syobai and his occupation, let alone the way he behaves and treats others through means of deals, and usually drags him around as of means to hang out with Syobai despite his irritation. However, Syobai warm inside whenever Chi (Kai) hangs out with him and doesn't mind him having around. Although his cold and twisted personality and ways still lingers, he did began to feel a slight change, even beginning to actually care, only slightly. Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster, secretly opened Syobai's psyche and awakened the ability to bend reality, though limits are in hand. When Syobai almost lost all his money, he felt broken and decided to live on the streets, getting drunk with the little bit of money he had. That was until Chi (Kai) eventually bumped into him, Syobai all drunk, and took him in the Doom Manor, where the Doom Patrol resides, and giving him a new room so that Syobai can have a place to stay. He is one of the Danganronpa characters that had a change of heart in Jurakan's Dimensional Universe, with Chi (Kai) and Syobai forging a strong bond that can never truly be broken. Also Syobai became a bit insane and mentally unstable, leaving Cat to care of two mentally unstable students. Ultimate: Broker
by Tank22
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