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Age: 8 Species: Human Race: American/Japanese Units: Nemesis, Kalanemi, Tsukuyomi
Age: 8 Species: Human Race: American/Japanese Units: Nemesis, Kalanemi, Tsukuyomi


Ruigi Lensley is a 2nd grader at Hope's Peak High, son of Klark Lensley, and a Gatekeeper party member of Victoria Mars. He is known to be very timid and extremely shy, awkward-like, superstitious-like, jumpy, and sweet. Born with autism and diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 3, Ruigi is known for his shy and awkward behavior and quiet demeanor. He suffers a lot from confliction and becomes emotional silently because of witnessing his own immobile obese father getting bullied and picked on for his horrendous size. Ruigi and Klark share a deep, unconditional father and son bond that can never be broken and has always been there for his father's well being. However, he becomes hurt whenever Klark apologizes for being immobile and not being there for his own kids (Ora Lensley, who was killed by the villain Scylla for bullying and humiliating her) and that he can't spend time with them the way they want it. It hurts Ruigi because he only desires to have his father one day move out of bed all on his own. Ruigi even crafted a large belly button emerald that fits perfectly with Klark's belly button and treasured it because he rarely receives gifts and the fact that his son Ruigi was the one who made it for him, shedding tears of joy and weeping for such a beautiful gift. Ruigi always loves to cuddle with his father as well and playing video games for his father to see even if it meant finding ways for his father to join in the fun, which always works. Ruigi has trust issues with the world and society and often shuns himself from the world around him. However, he did open up to Victoria and her friends when they approached him in a more suitable manner for him. Thus, he became very attached with them since it's the first time he's ever had real friends. And when witnessing how his father was made a Musician from B, he became angry for the first time in his life and summons Nemesis, Kalanemi, and Tsukuyomi, his Primary Units. Managing to snap his father out of the gluttonous dream state and having him notice just how big he's gotten and worsening his condition, Ruigi embraced his father weeping and reminding him that they'll go home now with his friends and wanting to have his own father have friends with him too, making Klark weep even louder for putting his own son through pain of hell once again. Since then, Ruigi became a little more opened but still very shy and awkward if there is people around him that he doesn't know.
by mks
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