Ann Takamaki
/ Ann Takamaki
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: Japanese/American Persona: Carmen Element: Agi Weapon: Whip
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Ann Takamaki A Japanese-American sophomore at Hope's Peak High and member of the Phantom Thieves. A kind and compassionate girl with a cheerful and energetic personality. However, she is also very edgy and scornful as well as cruel, evident in the case of Kamoshida, who would rather see him continuously suffer for his crimes against his own students in the past (this would rather change after Ann sees a different Kamoshida, who became a foster dad of Morako Wakaba, how he became plumped, and how his heart really made a huge change of personality). As the Phantom Thieves joins aside other Persona-users such as SEES, the Investigation Team, Ultimate Agents, the main team protagonists ASO Team, and more Unnamed Groups, Ann becomes less crueler than before, seeing how Hiruso, who is the head leader of the pack, shows compassion even towards his enemies and showing forgiveness rather than condemnation.


by Banana
by Joii
by Mari
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