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Corell Mavis
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: African American/Caucasian
Corell Mavis
/ Corell Mavis
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: African American/Caucasian


Corell Mavis is an 8th grader at Hope's Peak High and Beth Makita's best friend. He is known to be tough, goofy, comical-like, and humorous. Corell has been a supporter to Beth ever since they met in 6th grade and has always been at his side even for his family members. Their friendship can even go so far as bromance. Taking showers in the same shower together, belly, butt, and/or pelvis bumping (which results with Corell flying through the air and crashing since Beth is more bigger than him), sharing beds when sleeping over, absurd games, goofing off, basically whatever types of stuff they do out of brotherly love. Some would mistaken it for homosexuality, but the two have Pentecostal backgrounds and believe in God, meaning that they make it clear about their relationship towards one another as brotherly bond. Though reckless and disastrous, Corell is seen as a family member in the Makita Family with the more charismatic and loveable brother trait. In Qoph and Beth's story, Corell was attacked by Scissorman when trying to help Prof. Sullivan with the library's clock tower and forced to survive. He also joins with Qoph and Beth so that he can be there for them, much to their gratitude. After surviving the final attack from Scissorman, who would later be revealed as Edward Burroughs, and with Qoph finally killing him via the Door, Corell continues as the comic relief and putting a smile to their faces after being bounced back into the air once again and crash landing. Currently, Corell finds himself dating with a girl in the same grade as him and has become an icon legend of being the most goofiest and hilarious person in school, church, etc. Corell strives to become a comedian.


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