Faith Andrews
/ Faith Andrews
Age: 29-30 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American Skills: Motherhood
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A victim of Brunx's sexual abuse and the murderer/roommate Love Madison. A kind young woman who had pressed charges against Brunx for sexually abusing her and lived with the other 3 victims of Brunx as a team of mothers caring for their children. However, she felt like something was off about Brunx's behavior, being suddenly paranoid and having the mind of a young child. She wanted to get her answers and decided to plan a little trip to the police department, where Brunx is being held at within the facility's cell, wanting to better understand him. However, Love found out about this and decided to kill her, seeing her as a traitor to their trust, and silently had her gagged and tied up while one of her roommates misunderstood the muffling and did not turn on the lights. The next morning, Faith was found dead on the floor. Along with her is a note written in her blood stating: "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?". After a few days of solving the case and arresting Love, Faith's children was taken under both Brunx and Shanaya's custody.


by Banana
by sin
by angel
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