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Mad Hatter
/ Unsub Mad Hatter
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Throughout the FBPI's cases, the Mad Hatter has been behind the scenes conducting plans and bringing them to life, toying with FBPI Agent Skint Mellow and his team. In the end, after the cases of Baron Kriminel, Cerberus, Anhur, Queen of Hearts, and Black Shuck Cult, The Mad Hatter used his final resource of power by transforming into a giant Black Shuck. Despite the hard struggle, Skint manages to end the life of the Mad Hatter, avenging the deaths of his deceased foster mother and unborn brother. Sadly, the damages the FBPI's trauma eventually led to the departure of Agents Helena Chicks, Sunny Gorgeous, Spilynda Webb, Oliver Peter, and Lucky Makita. All except Lucky and Spilynda moved to different departments. Agent Eris Roster also turned in her resignation to take care of her newborn child.
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