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Fujo Makita
Age: 18 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Speed, Agility, Chaos Control
Fujo Makita
/ Fujo Makita
Age: 18 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Speed, Agility, Chaos Control


Fujo Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita and a crime stopping partner of his cousin Vexela Rokata. He is known to be childish, respectful, insensitive, sensitive, energetic, humorous, goofy, comical-like, playful, and bubbly. Fujo has been known for a number of arrests lately and with good reason. And despite being bailed out from his parents a lot, he still does it again and again. At first glance, his peers view him as a criminal who mercilessly hurts others and steals from gas stations of their money because of selfishness and greed, etc. However, Fujo doesn't really steal money out of greed nor steals money from gas stations in general. Fujo steals a candy bar such as dark chocolate, bubble gum, and a bag of chips. Using his Super Speed via through his favorite hobby skating, he causes trouble for the public in order to grab the attention of the police. Cops are usually in swarms because of Fujo's reputation of being a trickster and for disturbing the peace in order to play cops n robbers with real cops. Once Fujo is satisfied with playing, he turns himself in and gives back the stolen item to the police. Because of this non-stop boredom and the fact that he's been causing a lot of trouble and panic for the public, Officer Seven, a survivor of the Nonary Game and used to Fujo's tricks and games, decides to do something about it and gave Fujo a job for the police station. Partnering up with Vexela Rokata, his cousin, and surviving the first outbreak that occurred in Raccoon Forest, the duo forged a strong bond with each other that can never be broken to the point that it's more like a brother and sister relationship.


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