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Name: Aethia Woods
Powers: Agi
Aethia Woods
/ Name: Aethia Woods
Powers: Agi


Aethia Woods is an American student at Hope's Peak Academy and is known as the Ultimate Shopkeeper. She is known to be cheerful but also timid, often getting tensed up into situations and panicking. As the Ultimate Shopkeeper, she does her duties extremely well like stocking, checkouts, and making sure that everyone gets a fair deal when it comes to buying products at her family's store. She's also excellent at mathematics and balances, which is why her family's store is often a best go. Aethia also helps out other stores and even restaurants and not just her family's business, which is why she gets a lot of requests for services. However, she's often lonely since she usually has to put her feelings aside just to work hard for her family. That loneliness caused her to bottle up her emotions and not showing it to others so that way they won't feel down. As a timid girl, she often stutters a bit and has a hard time trying to get the words out, out of fear that she might trigger a situation and will even apologize. Edwin and Reiko bumped into her as she was managing her job and was tagged along with them without even asking for her consent, undenounced to her that certain events were about to take place, and not in a good way. She soon became a companion to Edwin and Reiko after awakening her Persona. She also began to open up more since she never had the chance to finally relax. Aethia also grew feelings for Edwin, considering how he saw her pain of expressing herself a bit and wanting to help her out. Persona: Sati


by bazaku
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