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エンジェル ― トナカイコス
/ エンジェル ― トナカイコス
春宮 つぼみ



春宮 つぼみ
8 months ago
Oh, I noticed that and have edited. Thanks for your reminder.
8 months ago
But Avatar use is set on NO. I tried in VMM and it doesn't appear.
春宮 つぼみ
8 months ago
Hello, Claudia789. I set the conditions of use like this because I want the character be used on Vroid Hub-supported platforms only. So you can send "like" to her and then you can use the model on Vroid Hub platforms. Maybe I'll create some downloadable models in the future.
8 months ago
Hello 春宮 つ ぼ み. I would like to ask you something. Your avatars are very cute and I would love to use them, but with not being able to download them, no one can enjoy their splendor. In my case, I would use it privately with my circle of friends. Could you enable its download, and if not, why don't you let us enjoy it? Leave a like if you think the same, PD: Your avatar is incredible.
by Aroufg
by Bella
Can you use this model?
YES(download is not allowed)
Conditions of use: Avatar use: YES/Violence: NO/Sexual acts: YES/Corporate use: NO/Individual commercial use: NO/Alterations: NO/Redistribution: NO/Attribution: Unnecessary