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Codename: Tot

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Tot Rokata
/ Codename: Tot

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A severely autistic boy with a 3 year old baby mind. He eats a lot of food but has a weak digestive system. So weak in fact that he constantly makes accidents on himself more frequently. He is also a crybaby. For example: if he sees a playground or a toy shop, he'll want to play with it. He usually says "Wowie" to communicate like other people. It's his way of speaking. Oh, did I mention you can't give him fat foods? If you do so, then his stomach will rumble loudly in pain due to having a weak stomach. It also means that his accidents happening increases and will become ten times worse. The amount of fat food he eats will cause his poop to become extremely ginormous even a normal adult diaper will just rip and let the continuous pound of feces loose. Once that happens, an entire mall will be nothing more than a poop area (unfortunately, if you haven't already guessed, that's his ability). That is why he has to have an expandable adult diaper to keep his feces from spreading. Tot is known to be very touchy and possessive with objects that he likes to play with. How he plays is basically waving baby stuffed toys up and down, chewing on them, rolling toy trucks, and throwing toys, no matter how filthy or clean it is. If someone even takes one of the toys he's playing with, he'll start crawling towards that person crying and screaming. If he gets hurt or scared, he cries. If you clean up messy food that he is eating, he'll cry and scream while crawling towards you, with a tendency to bite you to give back his food (He doesn't have teeth btw). When Chi took away one of his toys, he cries and screams, shouting wowie as if he wants it back. He even attempted to bite him, but Chi just walked off with his stuffed animal Rufus (a toy he had since childhood). Tot did by any means necessary to get back the toy he was playing with (BTW the stuffed animal hadn't been damaged or got dirty since Tot hadn't got to it yet). Fortunately his efforts were in vain and was taken by Umbrella HQ. There he received special treatment and education as well as being properly disciplined.


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